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For Former Athletes That Want To Transform Their Physique & Unlock A Massive Purpose 

Activate the Athlete & Play the Game of Life the Way You Were Meant To Play It.

You've been operating under the belief that you STOP being an athlete.

My name is Paul and I was just like you. I didn't realize that hanging up my uniform for the last time would result in several years of floundering in a Halftime Hangover.


What is the Halftime Hangover?

It's the time you spend operating below your potential that comes after playing sports. And it doesn't end until you discover a new purpose that will drive you to train your body, mind, and elevate those around you like you did when you were an athlete. The Halftime Hangover ends when your second half begins.

When you give up your identity as an athlete,

you lose 3 powerful things.



When you stop being an athlete, you stop surrounding yourself with other competitors. You look around and the people around you no longer inspire you to chase the big goals you once did. Before long, you start becoming more and more like them and less and less like yourself. 



When you stopped being an athlete, you lost direction. You no longer have a coach giving you a game plan to execute. You try to follow the old workouts you got from your strength coach, but eventually the lack of structure leads to body you aren't happy with and no plan to get back the power you once felt. 



When you stop being an athlete you no longer had a reason to push yourself. You went from dreaming of playing on the biggest stages to dreaming of the weekend. Because you have nothing to compete for, your body starts to atrophy. You lose your edge and wonder if you'll ever get it back. 


Paul Clingan

Athlete, Coach, Podcast Host, & Star Wars Fanatic

My name is Paul and I spent my entire life playing sports. I played baseball at Washington State University and I experienced my own Halftime Hangover for several years after college.

I allowed myself to believe I was no longer an athlete. I knew I was capable of more, but I couldn't figure out what was missing.

Watch my full story & how

I activated the athlete in me.