For athletic-minded individuals looking to train smarter, conquer nutrition, & live intentionally. 



Hi! I'm Paul, the creator of Down Dog Athletics.


I grew up an athlete, riding bikes in the streets, and playing sports until the lights went out in the cul-de-sac. 


After high school, I played baseball at Washington State University where I would struggle with performance anxiety, causing me to hang up my cleats prematurely after my Sophomore year.


As I navigated my 20's, I struggled with the frustration of not seeing the results in the gym I felt like I deserved.


On top of that, I felt like I had no clear sense of what I wanted out of out life. It was like I was staring at a bank on the other side of a river with no idea how I would get across.

It all changed when I made mindfulness a priority and infused intention to my training, nutrition, and daily habits.

In August 2018, I quit a promising career in advertising at Amazon to help other people transform their bodies and  make mindfulness more accessible .


Train Smarter, Master Nutrition & Live Intentionally

Down Dog Athletics

Train Smarter, Conquer Nutrition,

& Live Intentionally

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