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I first worked with Paul while living in Seattle, and decided a few months ago that I wanted to commit to higher level training again. I'm currently living in California, so the online Down Dog Athletics program was my only option to train with Paul. I swear by his style of training... with weekly check-ins, adjustments to my personalized program, and goal setting, not only have I had noticeable physical changes but also a stronger mentality as well.


I grew up playing all sports and eventually stuck with soccer and played for the Canadian National team and in college.

Post college, I took on long distance running to take on a new challenge. For years, I put in the time but eventually got bored and just realized that although I enjoyed working out (running, gym, biking, etc) I didn't have a plan. And without a plan, I wasn't seeing the results I thought I deserved for my effort.


Paul does a really good job of asking the right questions to really get at what you want to accomplish and why.

He built my plan - physical, mental and diet. We tracked my calories, lifting sessions and checked in on a weekly basis to talk about ups and downs. My mantra became work smarter not harder.

Adam, Former UW Soccer

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What's Does The Program Include?

Personalized Training & Nutrition Program

Training towards a goal is the best way to achieve results. Build a strong, athletic physique. Learn how to properly structure your training and nutrition to see the physical results you have been trying to achieve for years!

This is where the magic happens. We'll use this time to dive into the mindsets and beliefs that are holding you back. Through community, meditation, journaling, and other yoga-based practices, we will transform you mindset to foster mental health and mental toughness.

Group & 1:1 Coaching Calls

Member Access

Complete access to all online programs. You program will exist in the training app. You'll also be able to access over 20 hours of at-home yoga, HIIT, and mobility videos. Every video includes demonstration and audio instruction so you are never lost.

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