Have you ever wondered how to intelligently combine the gym with yoga? Then this is the program for you. The 28 Day Plan will help you build muscle and explore mindfulness practices like yoga, breathwork and meditation.


Every workout plan includes several options for each exercise to minimize time in the gym. Bench press not open? Squat rack full? No problem. The programs have built in drop downs to allow you to know what other options you can do. Complete with video instructions.


The 28 Day Plan Includes:

  • 3 Training Programs
    • 5 Training Days / 2 Yoga Days
    • 4 Training Days / 2 Yoga Days
    • 3 Training Days // 3 Yoga Days
    • Over 150 Exercises & 15 Yoga Sequences
  • 19 Page PDF with scientific information on training, nutrition, and yoga.


The 28 Day Plan has been used by over 500 people to reach their fitness goals.


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