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You have always had a competitive drive. You want to get back to the level you once were, but managing the stress of work, life, and training has you in a funk. This is the change you have been looking.

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Yoga For Athletes

The Down Dog Athletics Approach

It's a system designed to help you perform

and feel better physically and mentally.


Training towards a goal is the best way to achieve results. Build strength, lean muscle, improve mobility, and increase your cardiovascular system. We'll pick a destination you and train towards that specific goal.

Down Dog Athletics believes it is just as important to train your mind as it is your body. Without mental health and the tools to develop an elite mindset, you'll find it difficult to maintain the stay consistent with your physique and physical skillsets.

Mental Performance


Fuel your body to help your body perform and adapt to the training you are doing. Say good bye to restrictive eating. When you match up your nutrition and your training to your goals, you are guaranteed to see results.

Yoga is best utilized as a recovery technique. The goal of every session is to help connect an athlete to their parasympathetic nervous system and slow down so they can go hard in the proceeding day(s).


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Slow Is Smooth

Smooth Is Fast

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